Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ebola may spread as fast as fleas on a canine

Fleas, what every canine has, you humans know that but just do not want to admit it. Look at what started the Black Plaque in merry ole England, rats! Rats, dogs, not much of a difference in this kittys mind. 

Now, you humans have Ebola that may be spreading from sea to shining sea.  With a  a little help from our friends in DC and that rat in the White House, who he and his family add a little contrast to the color scheme. 

ISIS, Muslims and sleeper cells, they are all ripe to turn themselves into living and breathing weapons of mass destruction, no bomb vest needed.  This kitty says you humans need to wake up and smell the Espresso brewing and stogie stench. Ebola is here and just a matter of time that there is mass chaos, disruption of the food chain and BO declaring martial law just to incite more terror into you humans. Know what I say, he is leading via fear and this kitty is willing to bet he tries to get a third term out of it this way too. 

Now, off to raise the flag and crank up the PA system outside. I know, it is late, but had a few to many Stogies and Espresso's mixed with the Masters 150 year old brandy, but the neighbors will at least appreciate not being awoken at 6 AM.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

My philosophy on life

This is for you humans who always have pondered why I am so full of life and profound thoughts. It can be summed up here. You humans and us felines have a saying, a picture is worth a 1,000 words or in this case meows.

Add the caffeine from the Espresso and nicotine from the stogies which make the neurons fire a wee bit faster and you have, paw roll please, the most profound kitty on the net.  Let me add the sugar from the pastry's that cook creates, and of course from the local Italian Pastry Shop down the street help too!