Thursday, September 11, 2014

9/11, 13 years

Humans, it takes all types, that is my motto. For example, you have tail pullers, the vermin that walk on 2 legs who are under the age of 5 and then you have whisker pullers, those that are over 5 and go until about 8. After that, there are no names for these creatures, even canines are more tolerable, as long as they are not barking. Then again that is an easy fix, Petsmart sells a shock collar, I even tried it out on the Little Miss. The Mistress got annoyed and tried to ban me for a month from stogies and espresso. Lucky for me the Master got involved and cooler minds prevailed. 

Back to the human issue, 13 years ago today, I was sitting on the widows walk, sipping espresso and smoking a stogie, I was just a wee kitty and enjoying the good life the Master had to offer. I looked north and massive amounts of smoke and could not fathom what it was. Then, I heard the Mistress saying that the World Trade Centers were attacked.

This got my little feline feet running down those stairs to see the event unfolding, and did it ever get my dander up. I knew immediately that it was those bacon haters who made a statement and they thought the USA would just shake it off like a dog after being hosed down.  Little did they know that Uncle Sam has long arms and deep pockets. 

Some of you humans are too politically correct, this kitty says that the video below needs to be televised nightly so all can remember that day and what that great big litter box stands for. To put it simply, fanatics who go boom in the night, and even the day.

This kitty says never forget!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Today is the 4th of July, a day which means a lot to us that reside here in the USA.  It is the celebration from those tea baggers from across the pond. You know who I am talking about, they are prudes, have bad teeth and cannot cook. 

In other words, freedom from a Tyrant and an oppressive government. This makes this kitty wonder if it is not true that history is circular, much like a dumb canine who chases it tail. The Forefathers had the balls to do something about it in the 1700's. In 2014, well I will let some of you humans use what little brain you have and ponder this. Thinking that those who did not vote for the anointed one will have the answer. They have a brain, and those that did will be baahing away, just like good sheep.

This kitty is wondering since the 4th falls during the month Ramadan will the fast be broken for a hot dog and a few bottles of suds in the DC area?  I hear home brew is being served up at that certain house in the area.