Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Crazy Parade in NYC

It is I, KC to my close felines out there.

The Master and company have not closed up the shore house yet and I hear talk he will keep it open all winter! When I heard this I even high fived the Little Miss, and trust me, going near her is not my first choice, unless of course she has a stogie or espresso for me.

Here I sit looking out across the beach and it is sure nice to see everyone gone. Love to see them come and love to see them go. As Ben Franklin has said, "Guests and fish stink after 3 days."  Then again I would imagine it depends on who the guests were and if the fish was refrigerated.

I Just got finished eating a Taylor Ham, egg and cheese on none other than on a Glebstein's hard roll with of course ketchup and mustard and it gave me fuel for thought. Get it? Fuel for thought and not food for thought!

Anyway, the Master and I were watching FOX News the other day and we decided to get in the helicopter and head to Manhattan to check out the protesters on Wall Street. We figured kill two birds with one paw swipe and lunch with The Donald too, which as always was delightful. He and I share a lot of the same opinions, how could that be?

These people that are marching on the capitalist symbol of America, Wall Street and New York City are as crazy as a rabid dog. If you are not rich, look in the mirror people! Got your paws out for a handout? Well, news flash, come 2012 your world is going to change, Obama will be out and you will need to work for a living. Imagine that, work, a four letter word to all of you.

The Mistress always tells the Little Miss, better to be pissed off than pissed on, but in this case I say piss on all of them. Hose them all off to get rid of the stench, then drive them to JFK and they all can be flown to a socialist country.

Now, how suitable is this song, maybe once Obama loses in 2012 this could be the song played as he leaves the White House?

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