Monday, November 14, 2011

Pakistani Women in a pickle

If you know the Master like I know the Master astounded is the only word I can use to describe his relentless pursuit of this situation. He is a red, white and blue American but has taken up the cause for a woman who as I type is being beat, abused and locked in a room in Pakistan, sand land to me, that great big litter box. Yes, all it seems that The Master does have a heart, news to me!

My little kitty heart is proud that he believes in something so strongly he is willing to work across time zones, go on 4 hours of sleep for someone he has never met nor may never meet. He is now in the process of contacting any news organization here in the USA to share her story, one can only hope an interest is taken. Some stories must be told and this is one of them. Please view all the links in this story too and it will make it even more of a powerful tail, oh sorry, I meant tale!

Pakistan is one of the top three countries in the abuse of women and the violation of their human rights. Honor killings are still prevalent, throwing acid on females happens more that one thinks, human trafficking occurs and 80% of the female population are subjected to domestic violence.

There are many videos on You Tube made by Muslim priests telling how to beat ones wife since the Koran endorses it. Clearly though in the case of this young lady she is not a wife but a daughter above the age of 18 beat by her father and the images you are going to see clearly shows that the beatings were not light as this person on the video states. Personally, I find this disgusting and it makes me want to throw a hairball.

First the facts, then the story.

1) a young Pakistani woman is corresponding with an American male on social media and telephone, both legal age and want to meet for many months. She asks for no money or anything that would indicate a scam.

2) She wants to visit the USA on a Visa.

3) Her parents find out, her father burns her passport. She attempts to apply for another one.

4) Her father abducts to a town 700 miles away from her home to a guarded compound and locks her in a room

5) She is returned to her home city, locked in a room and beat.

6) She is then held hostage in her home, not allowed out.

7) She escapes, goes  back home and father again beats her.

8) She is now locked in a room, food is withheld.

9) She says she cannot go to the police they will not listen.

10) She said if she did go to the police she would be killed.

11) Her father said that he will kill her if she does not stop this.

10) Her father has said something about forcing her to marry.

12)  None of her family will help her nor does she have someplace to go.

13) Photos of the beating have been provided and below. Hands, legs and there are none but she says her back is badly bruised. A belt was used.

14) Simply put, Human Rights violations.

Here is the tale

A wake up call for all of us that live in the United States of America and other countries where women are treated as equals and not chattel or second class citizens. This is a story of cultures that clash, religions which are different, Muslim and Christian and of a quest for justice, freedom from oppression and the ability to live the American dream. Grab an espresso, stogie and enough kitty litter to wipe up your tears.

Once upon a time there was a gentle young man with a kind heart and soul that was lonely. The magic of the Internet prevailed; Face Book and he met a lovely young lady from Pakistan, thousands of miles away from the USA and of a culture that is at best described as tribal and unlike what most of the modern free world can relate to. Both this young man and lady are above the age of 18 and legally in both countries considered adults.

The first tragedy to strike this young lady was that she was shot in the shoulder while exiting a doctor’s office after being seen for an illness. Two boys were playing with guns in the street and a stray bullet struck her.

Months of communication pass, telephone calls begin, their personalities appear through their words and a bond is formed.

The Master hears of this, he, The Mistress and Little Miss are friends of this family in the USA. The Mistress tells The Master there are many scams out there and she had a concern that this young man would be taken advantage of.

What does The Master do? He turns to the magic of Facebook and sends her a friend request. Slowly he and this young lady begin to correspond and it is clear to The Master at least that she is genuine in her intentions and wants to visit the USA. She inquires as to how she could come to the USA for a visit; no one in her family will assist her.

The Master, again through the Internet provides this young lady with the method she can apply for a passport, the first step and then a Visa. Unknown to The Master, this young lady is naive tells her plans to her parents and other family.

They listen, tell her to go the bank, make the deposit for the passport and come home, then they will take her to apply for the Passport. The irony of this, as the Master has found out only a day ago is that this young lady HAD a passport and her father burned it on her.

She comes home; her father forcibly takes her to a town 700 miles from her home, locks her in room within a guarded compound. She is not allowed out and not allowed to talk to anyone. A few days go by and a holy day celebration is approaching, she is taken back to her home town. Here, she is locked in a room and then beat to a point where her whole body hurts and is bruised badly. Her father then says that if she attempts to leave he will kill her, he closes her bank accounts and takes all of her money, and she is in short a hostage.

The Master had suggested so go to the police but this is not possible he is being told since they may do nothing.

As my little kitty paws type, she is now physically sick, she says weak and becoming depressed. Locked in a room and food is being withheld and beat repeatedly.

The Master has contacted numerous Non Government Organizations in Pakistan, provided her information and NO response!  Will they offer the degree of assistance a woman would get in the USA since here women are treated as equal to men and not as property?

All this young lady wants is a passport, apply for a Visa and visit the USA, for this she is having every one of her human rights violated!

The Master has learned more about this part of the world and their customs than he ever cared to know. It is a violent society where non Muslims are the enemy, no exceptions. A culture where a Muslim male can marry a women of any religion but a Muslim female must ONLY marry a Muslim male.  

Those of you that are reading this in what the Master terms "the civilized free world" may be thinking what about a shelter for women. My little kitty paws did some fast Googling and found that many women are sent there by the courts for their protection from their male relatives and/or husbands. The environment is akin to being in a jail.

Do I know how this story will end? No, sadly I do not, my crystal ball is to clouded and cannot see clearly due to all the turmoil in that part of the world.

She has sent the Master pictures of the areas beat, below. If you are the sensitive type please do not look, there is no excuse for this type of treatment of another human being.

Should anyone out there read this and can offer assistance please contact me. Should you know of any items of interest to fight the war on terror please go here.

Belt strike

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