Sunday, February 26, 2012

Makes you proud to be an American? I think not :(

America, this kitty always thought it was all about digging hard in that litter box, keeping a watchful eye out for rodents and carrion. Burning the midnight stogie. 

Generally, the idea that working hard creates success which enables one to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Well, maybe Queens of their labor for those of you that a a little off color. You know who you are, the limp paw, pink collar crowd.

Never in my nine lives, which by the way I only am in life one, did I ever think it would come down to having our government tell us we must sacrifice for the masses so that we can all be equals.

The equalization of the masses, to this kitty is is synonymous to the big C, Communism, Karl Marx and short people with bad teeth that like rice.


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