Monday, February 20, 2012

Whitney down under

The Master and family, me included boycotted the airing of Whitney Houston's send off, wonder why they call it an airing? I am thinking that after 3 days, according to Ben Franklin fish stink and in her case she was not on ice for at least a week!

Let me get this straight, everyone is in mourning over her drinking her bath water? There are police, firemen, US armed forces, other countries do not count, getting killed daily. Do YOU hear anything about this? I think not.

America, well, most of you, get your priorities straight, what is more valuable, a self destructive celebrity or someone that is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country or the citizens of their country. In this case, the USA.

With this said, I also heard that her funeral was in Newark, NJ, to me "the jungle," and with this, this is for you Whitney!

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