Monday, March 12, 2012

Obamacare do you care?

Obamacare, code for government run health insurance. Lets face it humans, the government could not run a race without getting about 100 support staff involved who would then need triple this amount to support them and then the staff to support this staff would increase exponentially.

25% of you American humans strongly approve of your current leader, do the math, last time this kitty checked 1/4 is a far meow from 100%. Obama has about as much support as the Mistress' grandmothers legs have. One strong wind and down she goes, in the case of Obama, strong voters and down he goes.

Those in the government that have supported Obamacare are now getting their just desserts and being shown the dog door. You humans are more fed up than a dog who is given a bottomless food bowl. Ouch, just had a visual of this.

It would take the Little Miss a case of paper towels and a few hours to clean up that mess. Good thing I do not own a dog, such disgusting unrefined creatures they are. Unlike myself, debonair, intelligent, handsome, educated, need I go on? Every time I use these adjectives to describe myself, The Little Miss says, "yea you keep thinking that."

Just as PITA (pain in the ass) is synonymous for the Little Miss, Obamacare is now becoming synonymous for big government liberalism. Comrade can you spare a yen?

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